It all started when…

… my children started prep and we were in search of a lunchbox alternative to the plastic plethora out there. All we could find were clunky metal tins from the asian grocer. They leaked and adorned the internals of their school bags with extra artwork and peculiar smells and my daughter tried hard to cutie-fy them by adding lots and lots of fairy stickers.

This was 10 years ago. The metal lunchboxes have slightly improved but their leaky-ness hasn’t. So one day as I was holding a cute bamboo fibre dinner plate, it hit me! “Why isn’t there a cute lunchbox out there made out of this material?”

So after 2 years, half a head of grey hair and lots of trial and errors we finally and proudly present you with our new and exciting bamboo and PLA lunchbox, leakproof of course;-)